Enjoy the ride

YEAH! the “Enjoy the ride” tour starts tomorrow!We did it, we are ready to hit the road! see you all out there soon!

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Hey ya’ll Copperheads! Happy 2019!! We are ready to go, this will be our year! Hitting the road in April 2019, our EP “Enjoy the ride” will be available as well in April 2019! We can’t wait to start this adventure. cheers!! C.C.

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First gigs booked!

Yesss, it’s official. Our first gigs are booked! 12-4-2019 De Cactus, Hengelo (NL) 13-4-2019 De Meester, Almere (NL) 07-5-2019 Cowboy und indianer, Hamburg (DE) 08-5-2019 Cowboy und indianer, Hamburg (DE) 10-5-2019 Westtor, Seehaussen am Staffelsee (DE) 11-5-2019 Schloss Kannawurf, Kannawurf (DE) See ya’ll out there!

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