First gigs booked!

Yesss, it’s official. Our first gigs are booked! 12-4-2019 De Cactus, Hengelo (NL) 13-4-2019 De Meester, Almere (NL) 07-5-2019 Cowboy und indianer, Hamburg (DE) 08-5-2019 Cowboy und indianer, Hamburg (DE) 10-5-2019 Westtor, Seehaussen am Staffelsee (DE) 11-5-2019 Schloss Kannawurf, Kannawurf (DE) See ya’ll out there!

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Whoohaa! We are ONLINE on the big ol’ interweb! Be sure to check the tourdates, we are starting with booking the gigs and getting our asses on a stage near YOU!

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